Responsible Gambling In Australia

Gambling responsibly is an important part of participating in the online gaming community. In Australia, there are many resources available to those who need help with problem gambling. Online gamblers who feel they may have a gambling problem should take advantage of these services, as it can make a huge difference in their lives and the lives of those around them. This article will discuss responsible gambling practices in Australia, as well as provide information on where to get help if needed. We’ll also look at some common warning signs that indicate you or someone you know might have a gambling problem and how to address them. By understanding the issues and taking action today, we can all work together towards creating safer online gaming environments for everyone involved.

How to recognize that you have a problem?

Gambling addiction can be difficult to detect, as those experiencing it can often hide their behavior from family and friends. However, there are certain signs and symptoms that could indicate a potential problem. These include:

  • regularly trying to increase the amount of money gambled;
  • having difficulty controlling gambling behaviors;
  • feeling restless,
  • irritable or anxious when not gambling;
  • lying about gambling activities;
  • borrowing money to gamble with;
  • engaging in criminal activities to support your gambling activity;
  • neglecting family and work responsibilities due to gambling;
  • feeling guilty or ashamed after spending money on gambling.


For those who think they may have a problem with gambling, it is important to seek help as soon as possible. Professional help is available through counseling services, support groups, and residential programs in most states. Online support communities can also provide helpful guidance and resources for those struggling with problem gambling. In addition, individual therapy sessions can help people manage stressors related to their addictive behavior and develop skills for lasting recovery from their addiction. Furthermore, taking advantage of self-help strategies such as keeping track of time spent playing games online or setting limits on spending can also be beneficial for dealing with compulsive behavior surrounding online gaming.

Self-exclusion from gambling

Self-exclusion is an effective way for players to take control of their gambling behaviours. By opting for this option, players are able to suspend their accounts and thus prevent themselves from logging in, making deposits or playing for real money. There are two types of self-exclusion options available at participating casinos: temporary and permanent.

The temporary self-exclusion option is suitable when a player feels that they may need a break from gambling as it allows them to select the time frame that they want to be excluded from using the casino. During this period, the player will be unable to access their account or play for real money–even after their chosen time frame has lapsed. It may then be necessary to contact casino support in order to reinstate the account access once again.

For those who feel that they need more extreme measures, permanent self-exclusion may be the next logical step. With this option, players permanently ban themselves from playing at any casino with no intention of ever returning. It should be noted that there is no reversing a permanent self-exclusion so it’s important to make sure that this is the path you want to pursue before going ahead with it. Additionally, all available funds should also be withdrawn from your real money account beforehand as you won’t have access once your self-exclusion comes into effect.

Responsible gambling initiatives such as these allow players to take control over their own actions and provide them with helpful tools when needed in order to keep online gaming fun and enjoyable. While these efforts do not guarantee success on every occasion, it’s reassuring knowing that help is there if required and can make a difference in preventing problem gambling behaviour and keeping gambling activities safe and healthy overall.

Setting your own limits

The concept of responsible gambling is an important one in Australia and many online casinos offer various ways to help you stay in control of your gambling habits. Self-imposed deposit limits, session limits, betting limits and loss limits are just a few of the tools available to Australian players, so let’s take a closer look at how these work.

Session Limits are pop-up reminders that appear after a certain amount of time, alerting you to how long you have been playing for. This is a useful way to get a reality check on your activity, giving you the option to log out or continue playing as desired.

Deposit Limits are also available and enable players to set maximum amounts they can deposit in any given day, week or month – this must be adhered to by the casino. Daily deposits will usually reset automatically at midnight; weekly and monthly limits reset when their respective timescales are over. Importantly, it’s best practice for players to think carefully about what limit they want to set before putting it in place as changes can take up to 24 hours or more depending on the casino.

Betting Limits can help if you are worried about wagering too much each week – with this option enabled, you decide ahead of time how much you will be allowed to stake each week and the casino will refuse any bets above that amount. This is one of the least used tools but it could be beneficial for players who feel they may be going over budget too often.

Finally, Loss Limits put an upper limit on how much money you can lose over a pre-set period (daily, weekly or monthly). If your losses reach this predetermined amount then the casino will send out an alert letting you know that it has been reached so that you don’t exceed your threshold even further.

Overall, responsible online gambling is key in Australia, and making use of the self-imposed measures that most casinos offer is a great starting point for players looking for some extra support or guidance. It’s important not only for these measures to be enforced from within by players but also from without as part of any online casino’s commitment to promoting responsible gaming behavior across its customer base.

Where to get help if you have a gambling problem

The Gambling Help Line

If you are struggling with gambling related issues and need help, The Gambling Help Line provides 24/7 phone counseling at 1-800-858-858. This is a free professional service that can offer advice and support on how to control gambling and deal with any underlying problems or complications. Trained counselors are available to

BeGambleAware is an independent organization that provides education, support and advice for anyone affected by problem gambling. The website offers a range of resources to help individuals manage their own gambling behaviour, as well as providing information on how friends and family can support those with a gambling addiction. BeGambleAware also works closely with industry stakeholders to promote responsible gaming practices and ensure that customers are provided with safe online environments free from underage or excessive play.

Gamblingtherapy is an online and telephone support service that provides help and advice to individuals affected by problem gambling. The website offers a range of resources, including self-help tools, counseling services, information on how friends and family can provide support, as well as access to trained advisors who can offer advice for managing gambling behavior. Gamblingtherapy also works with industry stakeholders to promote responsible gaming practices and ensure customers are given safe online environments free from underage or excessive play.


Gambling Awareness Australia (GAA) is an independent organization committed to promoting responsible gambling in Australia. GAA provides information, support and advice for anyone affected by problem gambling, as well as working with industry stakeholders to promote safe online environments free from underage or excessive play. Through their website, the organization offers a range of resources including self-help tools, counseling services, and access to trained advisors who can provide assistance on how to manage gambling behavior. They also offer deposit limits and betting limits that players can set up in order to ensure they stay within their budget when playing casino games online.


The South Australian government is committed to promoting responsible gambling and helping those affected by problem gambling. Through their Problem Gambling website (, they provide a range of resources, including information on the signs and symptoms of problem gambling, ways to manage gambling behaviour, and available support services

Lifeline is a website dedicated to helping those who are struggling with problem gambling in Australia. It offers information, support and advice to individuals who may be experiencing difficulties with their gambling habits. Through the site, visitors can find resources such as links to counseling services, self-help tools, information on how friends and family