Advertising Disclosure

When it comes to online casinos, many players may not be aware of affiliate marketing and how some websites use this practice to benefit themselves. is an online casino affiliate website that receives a share of the profits when new players register through our links. This article will explain what affiliate marketing is and how our website uses it to provide players with valuable information on the best online casinos to play at.

How Affiliate Marketing is Working?

Affiliate marketing is a type of advertising where one party (the affiliate) earns commissions from another’s products or services that are purchased or used by other people. In the case of, we make money by referring new customers to online casinos in our review tables and receiving a commission for each successful signup.

What are affiliate links and commissions?

To do this, we use affiliate links provided by the casino sites which can be clicked by potential customers, who are then directed to the casino’s website where they must create an account, deposit some funds and start gambling. Every time someone does this after clicking our link, we receive a payment from the casino as part of their agreement with us – usually, as a set percentage of their total deposit credited back to us as a commission.

We are affiliated with certain casinos reviewed on our website because it helps make running this business easier – we don’t have to place ads or banners around our site or worry about being associated with shady operators. We are also constantly monitoring each site listed on ensuring they provide fair gameplay and look after their customers in accordance with gaming regulations in order for them to remain featured on our site.

Does this impact our ratings and place in the table?

It’s important for users to know that these affiliations do not influence how we rate these sites; all ratings and reviews are independently compiled using real tests and experiences gathered from playing at the sites ourselves! Plus, affiliates never cost more money when signing up since you’re still in full control over your deposits at any given casino – just keep an eye out for any minimum deposits required for bonus offers mentioned in our reviews before you sign up!

In conclusion, affiliate marketing is an important part of running any online business including ours here at but rest assured it doesn’t impact the quality or accuracy of any ratings we display on-site: all opinions expressed are solely based on first-hand experience playing at various sites featured in our reviews section across desktop and mobile devices!